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Split King Sheets


Split King Sheets – Your Split King Bed Finally Finds Deluxe Sheets

Split King Sheets are a rather innovative product in the bedding industry. Previously, couples had to endure the troubles of a single mattress if they desired to sleep in the same bed. Couples could feel each other moving, turning, and tossing. Split king beds allow couples to have a mattress of their own preference. Also known as a dual bed, a split king bed is composed of two individual mattresses each measuring 38x80 inches. It offers the same size as a regular king bed and prevents partners from disturbing each other’s sleep with their movements.

Split King bedding comprises of two extra long fitted sheets and one king flat sheet to cover both the mattresses. The availability of a fitted sheet for each mattress assures a cozier sleeping environment for partners sharing a bed. Finding a superior-quality sheet for a Split King bed may require some extra efforts. However, at Egyptian Cotton Sheets, you do not need to worry about the quality, thread count, or size of the sheet set. A wide collection of Split King Sheets are available to make your bed absolutely comfortable, luxurious, and classy.