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Emerald Collection 1500 Thread Count

Bed sheets just may be the most neglected interior decoration accessory when really they are the only things that absolutely guarantee absolute opulence and tranquility. When buying bed sheets it is important to remember that the quality of bedding depends primarily on the type of fiber and the tightness of the fabric weave. Our 1500 Thread Count Emerald Collection 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the highest quality, most plush bedding you’ll find anywhere.

The 1500 thread count emerald collection is the epitome of luxury and class. This is the stuff that will compel you to stay in bed even when you are awake. If you have ever wanted to the lush feel of a 5-star hotel bed right in your home, you can’t do any better than these bed sheets. The luxurious, soft feel of 100% Egyptian cotton is bound to leave you wanting to burrow even deeper into your bed!